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1:1 Physio

Here at the MS Therapy Centre Lothian we have three physiotherapists who share vast experience in helping people with neurological conditions. Gillian Robinson, our Lead Physiotherapist, Ishbel Benzie and IzabelaTokarczyk , all have a specialist interest in Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological conditions and are committed to keeping up to date with all the key advances in this area. Our physiotherapy service is now open to anyone with any condition.

Physiotherapy can help with:

Balance and mobility problems

Pain relief

Joint stiffness

Spasticity management

General exercise & fitness advice


Advice on transfers

Advice for carers

What does a Physiotherapy Assessment involve?

You are the best, we've been to them all and you are the best.......MS Client about our physio team
The physiotherapist was able to go over my exercises with me and correct some things I was doing wrong which were causing further problems. As a result, I now feel much improved.MS Client following physio assessment

Booking and Prices

Like all our services, physiotherapy is heavily subsidised and our suggested minimum contribution is just £25 for clients with MS and £30 for other conditions for a 45 minute appointment.

Start your Treatment

Give us a call on 0131 554 5384. We can send you our Registration form and book you in for a physio assessment to see how we can best support you.